Thursday, May 19, 2005

we've done lubbock and waco, parallel minds, and just did 18 wheels.

18 wheels doesn't give me the best feeling when i play it, but it's supposed to be an uncomfortable song.

brad added this killer drum intro. just makes it a little harder to play.

of course, stephen's idea.

have confidence, young jedi.

i'm heading back in there, see how long stpehen will let uskeep going. i'm only three keystones into it, and i want to get as much done tonight as possible.

more info later.


we're in the studio right now.
right no, as we speak.

we just recorded "run away." i think it sounded good off the
first track, but stephen is f'in with the drums. i could never do
anything on the producer side.

paul added some really cool bass stuff that i hadn't heard before.

we're using brad's digital recorder, and stephen pointer is working on the production side, then filling in on lead and some background vocals.

should be 10 band songs, and two solos.

if you're a fan of the old 345 miles stuff, you'll notice that most of what we're recording was on there.

gotta go, were about to record "lubbock and waco."