Friday, September 20, 2002

once again, i have found what the internet is made for... really stupid websites.
check this out of all the info you could ever need for stabbing yourself in the crotch with scissors.

Thursday, September 19, 2002



By this, I don't mean that there will be a "word of the day" here every day, but each day I decide to put a word up here, it will therfore be the word of the day.

So, I've been reading some from the fat guy. And according to the top of his page, he is not a pundit. So I thought to myself, I wonder if he really is a pundit, just being
humble, or was there a rumor floating around saying That Guys a Damn Pundit and I want nothing to do with him.
I could not answer this question. Why? I did not know what a pundit was. But now I do.

Pundit: noun, one who gives opinion in an authoritive manner, critic.

Is he a pundit? You be the judge.

One of the reasons I'm leaving my job here is because of their ability to be selective about
which rules they enforce and whic ones they ignore. The manager of this branch allows someone
who calls themself "Vice President of Accounting and Administration" to enforce the rules she picks,
which is quite a title for someone that doesn't have any sort of degree. An example of this on the small scale
would be working hours... For example, if you come in at 6 am, or 5 am to work on a job that bids that day,
and leave at 4:30 to go to school and VPoAA notices (after she comes in at 9:30 and is leaving at the same time as you, including a 2 hour lunch), the next day you will be threatened by the Manager because she mentioned
it to him, hopefully to win ass kiss points. Also, you can't leave without permission to go pick up plans
on a job that bids tomorrow, even though the manager refuses to disclose his work schedule with the other
employees. But when Manager returns, you are "asleep at the wheel" or "lazy" since you didn't get that job finished. Buncha bull here... I took this job with the intent to stay until something better came along, and it took a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would. I guess some people are control freaks and have no ability to communicate with anyone, and it really suck to work for them. But most of all, I feel sorry for them that they have to live their lives feeling that way.

Most importantly, about selecting rules to be enforced, they have ignored my request for conformation of severence pay. Here's the letter I wrote to the owner of the company that owns TBS, and is the only person Manager has to answer to. I didn't send one to Manager, because he has never allowed me to be prepared,and he would rather ambus someone that is unprepared, and now it's his turn.
Mr. Rolla,

I'll be leaving TBS Specialties Direct, Inc. in the near future. There are many reasons that I'm leaving, mainly because there is a lack of communication and respect in the workplace here, and I think my talents and skills could be put to use better elsewhere.

I had a question for you regarding severence pay. I asked Betty Crowe about it earlier, and she told me I was not entitled to it, with no consideration. According to section 403 of the employee handbook, one definition of termination is resignation - voluntary employment termination initiated by an employee. It goes on in this section to define employment to be based on mutual consent, and employees have the right to terminate at will. Then in Section 404, it states that an employee who is terminated for reasons that were not prejudicial to SDI are eligible for severance pay, at the discretion of SDI.

I understand that it is at the discretion of SDI, and I do not feel like I will be given any consideration. I have given more than applicable notice (about 4 weeks), and in that time I will have trained a replacement to take my place in the organization. I will not be going to work for a company that competes for any business with any of your companies, and I may be in the position where I could use the services and products of your company inthe future.

Thank you for taking the time to review this.

Ben Wright, Estimator.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

The NYPost says that AA is the best place to meet rich women... I guess since I'm married
I shouldn't quit drinking.

I have now been taken off the phone list at work... What are they trying to say?
I don't start my new job for a couple of weeks.
Speakin of the new job, I've been doing a little reading this week since I'm going to be moving into a new sales position. A lot of the stuff out there is hoky corny obvious stuff, but there's also a lot of stuff that's pretty good. A lot is common sense, and I think reading it confirms what you think, and I need to keep having this pounded in my head until it takes hold of the grey matter and it's what I think off the bat.
So far, I've read 100 Unbreakable Business Laws (paraphrase of the title, can't remember it) by Brain Tracy. really good. Covers everything broken down by business function, and it's a lot of the common sense stuff that goes beyond accounting and business law, and how to build on the talents you have. It'd be a good study book, each chapter has an exerscise on how to apply each function. After that, I read sales prospecting for dummies. Didn't like it too much, didn't get much out of it. I guess I'm not a dummy.
Next on the list is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (recommended by a fellow blogger) and that book about what they didn't teach you at Harvard Business School. No, I didn't go to Harvard, but I'm sure it applies to graduates of Tarelton as well.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I was driving around, killing time at lunch, enjoying the fresh air and stuff.
I decided to drive a little south of my office, never been down there before. A couple
friend of mine are cops, and they had referred to the "south side" and I just assumed it was
like any other part of town with it's good parts and bad parts and all that. Wow. No, it was quite different
than what I live in... Don't think that I'm judging anyone or saying anything bad,
but the was the hood.
It's hard for me to grasp how a lot down the street from my house can sell for $130,000 and I can
drive about 6 miles away, and there's a whole quadrant of town that is on beyond run down, there are
vacant lots where there used to be houses, and a mile or two away, there's a hundred new buildings
being built.
I guess it's like the people two blocks west in their Land Cruisers from me might say "how can he drive that old decrepit 98 Chevy pickup?" when i think it's a great ride. I guess it's just what you're
acclimated to, how you're raised and what you think is normal... I'm sure there's people
that grew up there and got out as fast as they could, and I'm sure there's some people
that wouldn't change much if they had ten million dollars.
On the subject of ten million dollars, I found this website with information on most of the cities
in America.
I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it said the per capita income in Fort Worth is $13,162. I have a really hard time believing that, but maybe I've built my own shelter around my life.
On the same page, the median income is stated at $30,967 which makes much more sense to me.

I'm glad I made the short cruise that I did at lunch today. I think my eyes are more open to
my community, and as they say on the NBC PSA's the more you know....

the new ATF Factory Outlet... soming soon to a community near you!

Small thought for a big day...

If you can make a citizens arrest, shouldn't you be able to make a citizen's
arraignment, or maybe a citizen's dismissal?

Monday, September 16, 2002

TCU won 17-6.

My baby's due in 2 weeks.

I've got 3 weeks until I start my new job.

So much stuff to write about, so little time...